Scalp problems

Generally when problems such as small pimples, spots or flakiness and/or dryness appear on the scalp, zinc levels in the body are too low.

Zinc is very deficient in NZ soils an often needs to be supplemented, preferably by the use of Colloidal minerals, as the zinc level in these is usually very good and relatively easy to absorb. Additionally they contain all other trace elements needed for optimum health.

Zinc levels can drop quite suddenly if the body is under stress, if alcohol consumption is high or if a person has been ill. Levels can slowly decrease if there are dietary deficiencies, large amounts of calcium are taken, the diet is too high in fibre or mercury or cadmium levels are high in the body.

The most noticeable symptoms of deficiency are white spots in the nails, stretch marks,
brittle nails and hair and inability to taste. Also, as well as dryness and a tendency to small pimples appearing on the scalp, a tendency to acne, dandruff, slow healing sores, irregular menstrual cycles in young women or impotency in young males and often aching joints, can point to possible low zinc levels.
See page on ‘ Zinc’

In this situation I would advise taking at least one tablespoon of Colloidal minerals daily long term.
See page on ‘Minerals – facts’. and ‘Minerals – why we need to supplement’.

If the scalp doesn’t improve within four to six weeks then either increase the dose or add 1-2 ml of liquid zinc daily until the taste of the liquid zinc is strongly metallic.

A deficiency of B vitamins (especially B2) can also cause problems with the skin, so it is advisable to also take a good B complex tablet daily.