Shin splints

Shin splints are caused by pressure on the nerves originating in the lumbar spine.

A branch of the sciatic nerve, called the tibial nerve, runs down the medial side of the tibial (shin) bone and it is when the origin of this nerve is compressed and/or inflamed that the painful sensation known as shin
splints occurs

Basically you need to see an osteopath that will gently release the pressure off the lumbar spine.
As there may also be compression of the nerve by over tense calf muscles this area also needs to be deeply massaged.

It would also help to try and avoid exercise that is compacting or jarring and to do stretches both before and after going to the gym, as this will relieve some of the pressure exerted on the lower spine.

Adding a little more calcium and/or magnesium to the diet may help in as much as these minerals help prevent excessive muscular spasm.
Both these minerals are found in most green vegetables, nuts and seeds or in green supplements such as Spirulina and Barley grass.
See page on ‘Magnesium/Calcium’.

Kelp is also very high in calcium and Colloidal minerals and are a very good source of most minerals.
See page on ‘Minerals – why we need to supplement’.

In my opinion it is better to use supplements of this type, i.e. mineral supplements from organic plant derived sources that have all macro-minerals and most trace minerals present, rather than single mineral tablets that may possibly cause a mineral imbalance if inappropriately used.