Shingles is caused by Herpes Zoster virus – the same virus that causes chicken pox. Most adults have contracted chicken pox in childhood and once contracted it does not go away, but lies dormant in the body until (usually later in life), it is activated usually by a weakening of the immune system.

This can be brought about not only by stress but also by overwork, a bout of flu
or other trauma or illness that puts the body under stress.
Or by lack of nutrition which often creeps up on many older people insidiously through poor digestion and/or nutrient absorption. The virus then spreads to nerve endings and causes severe pain, itching and burning sensations.
It is often preceded by several days of chills and fever.

The best treatments I have found to use when the virus is active are:
high doses of Vitamin C (500-10,000mg daily).

– Lysine (500mg three to four times daily). Lysine is an amino acid that
helps prevent the virus replicating and is great for stopping many viral infections in their tracks.

-the herb Melissa officinalis (Lemon balm) taken internally 3 ml 2-3 times daily and also applied to the lesions.
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Vitamin B12 is also of great help and can be obtained via injection from your doctor or used orally. If taken in this manner it has best effect if taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.
B12 has been effective in reducing the neurological pain associated with shingles. For many people extra vitamin B12 is a great boost not only to the nervous system but
also for overall energy levels.
See page on ‘Vitamin B12’.

– I have also seen good results in some cases using acupuncture to relieve the pain.

In the long term in order to prevent reoccurrence, care needs to be taken to greatly boost the immune status of the body.
– I would recommend increasing mineral intake (at least one tablespoon of Colloidal minerals daily.
See pages on ‘Minerals – Why we need to supplement’ and ‘Minerals – facts’
– Shitake and Reishi mushroom extracts are also effective as anti-viral and immune enhancers.

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