Spelt flour bread

This recipe is great for people who are mildly gluten intolerant and like to make their own bread.
Spelt flour does have gluten in it but it is a more easily digested from that that in wheat.
It is easy to make in a bread maker.
Use the Gluten free cycle (1hour 20 minutes) and ‘light’ setting.

310 ml warm water
2tsp bread yeast
1tbsp olive oil
1tbsp honey
1 egg
375 gm spelt flour
pinch of salt

I put all the ingredients except the flour into the bowl and lightly mix before adding the flour.
Once the bread maker is working, I also watch the first few minutes to make sure the mix looks correct.
I do not claim to be an expert bread maker and sometimes I find that it looks a little ‘sloppy’ and that the addition of about 50gms of rice flour improves the loaf!

Note that gluten intolerance usually comes about because of poor protein digestion. (Gluten is a protein) and I have often noticed that  this over all situation can be improved by the long term use of digestive enzymes designed to increase protein digestion.
Go to on-line shop for digestive enzymes.