Stretch marks

Original question: “Why would stretch marks appear on teenagers?’

Stretch marks certainly can occur on teenagers and males as well as on pregnant women.
They may appear if there is excessive weight gain but usually only if there is a dietary lack of Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin A or E or a deficiency of B Vitamins (specifically B5).
In New Zealand the prime suspect would be a deficiency of zinc which can occur very
easily even if the diet is of reasonable quality.
See page on ‘ Zinc’.

Vitamins C should not become deficient if the diet contains adequate fresh friut and
Vitamin A and E should be adequate if several meals of oily fish are consumed on a regular basis. If this is not so then it would be prudent to supplement with a fish oil capsule daily.
Adequate B Vitamins can be easily obtained by eating lots of green veges and some red meat products but if this poses a problem then a time released B vitamin tablet will do the trick.

Removing stretch marks or scarring of any sort is not easy but can be possible if zinc and vitamin E levels are increased and maintained at adequate levels long term.
About 400IU of Vitamin E would be sufficient and approximately 2ml of zinc liquid daily (or 10-15ml of Colloidal Minerals).

Adequate levels of Zinc can be easily checked for by tasting the undiluted liquid. It should taste ‘terrible’ (as in strongly metallic), if the levels are
See page on ‘Minerals – facts’ and ‘Minerals – why we need to supplement’.

Vitamin A and E oils can also get good results in the long term if massaged into the affected area on a regular basis. Try Rose Hip Oil (very high in Vitamin A).