Styes are a bacterial infection of the sebaceous glands along the eyelids. To prevent these occurring, the eyelid area needs to be as kept clean as possible.
Try to avoid rubbing the eyes at any time.

To further prevent styes occurring, you could try taking extra vitamin A daily.
One or two 500mg cod-liver oil capsules daily would be sufficient.

Alternatively take herbals to improve the immune system and fight the infection.
Golden Seal (Hydrastis Canadensis) would be applicable in the short term or
Echinacea and/or Garlic over a longer period.
These herbs could be included in a Homeobotanical remedy if treating children.
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If inflammation is already present, try compressing the eyelid with a hot compress of Eyebright and Chamomile to help ease the pain and bring the stye to a head.

Any preparation containing Quercetin is very effective as it not only helps fight the infection and is a great anti-inflammatory but also helps drain the glands.
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