A young child with continual tonsillar problems has usually also got a problem with excessive mucus and congestion. This often indicates a problem with inadequate digestion of proteins – hence the excessive mucus production. This needs to be addressed.

First, remove all excess dairy proteins from the diet, i.e. milk, cheese, ice cream and also supplement with food enzymes to help improve the digestion.
Increase the amount of raw foods in the diet and use fresh juices if possible.
Eliminate added sugars, they only increase inflammatory symptoms.
See page on ‘Glue Ear’.

Secondly, aim to improve the immune status. Herbal remedies work very well in
cases of tonsillitis, especially if antibacterial herbs such as Sage and Thyme are used along with a little (drop wise) added Poke root. See a herbalist to have these blended in
appropriate doses. Use over several months, not just a few weeks – however, the
Pokeroot is usually used on its own and stopped once the condition has cleared.

Mineral levels also need to be increased, especially zinc.
See page ‘Minerals – Why we need to supplement’.

Recently oral herbal throat sprays have come on the market and these are proving an excellent method of reducing and even eliminating the pain of sore throats, as
well as being antibacterial.
However one of the best throat infection preventatives that I have come across is undiluted Propolis extract. One or two drops of this put directly onto the back of the throat (followed by a mouthful of water)works wondered.
Contact Us if you want some of this wonderful stuff.

Another excellent method of reducing severe throat pain and calming a persistent cough is to make a fresh lemon drink by cutting a few slices of lemon (complete
with rind),
placing in a mug with 1/2 tsp of honey (Manuka if possible)
and a little cayenne pepper. Pour over boiling water and sip. Is equally
effective either hot or cold. If making this for a child be sure to only use a very little cayenne, however it is this ingredient that acts an analgesic, so even a little works well.

It is also a good idea to supplement with vitamin A in the form of fish oils.
1 -2 cod-liver oil capsules daily or Maltexo(TM) with cod liver oil added.

Externally, a mild heat rub applied to the throat/neck area also greatly reduce tonsillar and throat pain. Be sure to use just a mild rub on children, as stronger ones irritate the skin.
See page on ‘Throat Infections’.