Urination – excessive

Excess urination at night can be caused by a number of reasons. If male, it quite likely could be caused by an enlarged prostate.
Saw Palmetto is the specific herb for this problem. It needs to be taken in a relatively strong dose for several months combined with Zinc. If there is no change observed after taking this herb after 6-8 weeks, you would be well advised to seek a doctor’s examination.
See page on Prostate Hyperplasia.

For both male and female, spinal pressure can cause excess urination at night in which case a spinal check from a good Osteopath would be recommended.

Mild urethitis or cystitis can also cause excessive nightly urination.
Cystitis is very common in older females and recurring cystitis can often indicate that oestrogen levels are too low, causing a lack of mucus membrane
integrity which predisposes the urethra to infection.
This can be treated reasonably easily by taking a regular dose of Pau D’arco and Cornsilk, which helps prevent reinfection but is best combined with a herb such as Black Cohosh
that can slowly increase the estrogens levels.
See page on ‘Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis’.

Another cause can be altered ADH (antidiuretic hormone) production.
This hormone prevents excessive urine production but a number of conditions such as pain, stress, trauma, anxiety, tranquillizers, nicotine etc. can cause an imbalance and urine production will not be conserved at night.
In this situation obviously the cause has to be addressed.