Hirsutism – excessive body hair

If there is evidence of excessive body hair then it is possible that the problem is caused by a hormonal imbalance. This could be checked by undergoing a blood test.

If the problem is severe then it may also be a good idea to have your GP check for polycystic ovary disease, which can be an underlying cause of excessive hair growth (hirsutism).
See page on Polycystic Ovary Disease.

However hirsutism can also be idiopathic, that is, of no known cause.

Taking a contraceptive pill can also cause symptoms such as excess facial hair.

If a contraceptive pill is not a factor, then it is possible to treat hirsutism caused by high androgen (male hormone) levels with herbal remedies.

A combination that is known to reduce testosterone levels and therefore help
reduce abnormal hair growth is one of Licorice and Paeonia.

Other herbs that can reduce the effects of androgens are Sarsaparilla and Damiana, however these are possibly not as effective.

It can be possible to obtain good results using a combination of herbal remedies to balance hormones plusĀ IPL treatments.