Original question: ‘As a mother of three young children I was wondering whether you could enlighten me as to your view on vaccinations. I don’t like the idea of jabbing my children with vaccines, the safety and long term issues worry me, but there is a lot of pressure coming from play-centres, schools, doctors and the media to do so and I am feeling very confused. I try to give my children a healthy life style, but they still tend to fall prey to things like tonsillitis and colds.
Also, what would you suggest they take to boost their immune systems?’

This is not an easy question to answer, especially as I feel that it is a very personal one that each individual parent needs to look at.

It is difficult; there is a lot of very conflicting information out there! The best thing I can
say, is that from my point of view, if choosing not to vaccinate then definite steps have to be taken to boost the immune system and helps prevent infections of any sort. It would be very irresponsible to do otherwise.

Unfortunately, simply trying to give a child a ‘healthy’ lifestyle is not always enough,
depending on what each person means by this description of course. Hopefully it means giving a diet free of ‘junk’ and preservatives and as organic as possible, a living space free of pollutants, stress free etc.

However this is not always the case.
The best, first and easiest thing to do for everyone, is to greatly supplement the mineral intake, as it is minerals that your body needs in order to be able to fight bacteria, viruses and enable the body to remain healthy, that’s why I always suggest that people use Colloidal minerals all the time.
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Secondly ensure that as far as possible the diet is free of ‘junk’, white flour, refined foods, sugars, etc.

Thirdly give your children a herbal product that will help further boost their immune
systems. This could be a herb/s such as Echinacea, Olive or Propolis which are great immune boosting remedies for winter, or you could alternate with a course of Colostrum which greatly helps boost the immune system via the gastrointestinal system.
There are also now good probiotics which also help keep the immune system in good shape.
See page on ‘Probiotics’.

If deciding to go the other way and allow your children to have vaccinations then it is equally important to ensure that all children undergoing vaccinations of any sort are as healthy as possible and have adequate mineral levels.
Do not give vaccinations to a child that has the flu or is other wise unwell.

Check with your doctor as to the contents of a vaccine, this is especially important if you are aware that your child has allergies, particularly to egg white.

There has long been huge debate about the safety of vaccinations and one of the main questions of debate has been why some children react to vaccination while others don’t.
A recent study may have shed some light on this .

It identified an apparent link between certain neurodevelopmental toxins, such as heavy metals and certain vaccines, and an increased possibility of developing neurological problems. It showed that heavy metals and some vaccinations can affect growth factor signalling, that can cause adverse effects to the methylation reaction. Methylation is an important part of neurotransmitter production and is critical to normal neurological development in children.

The study showed that thimerosal (a preservative found in some vaccines), ethanol and heavy metals inhibit folate dependant methylation. This meant that if a child having a vaccination happened to have an inefficient methylation process they were likely to be more susceptible to adverse reaction.
Insuring that children have adequate minerals, vitamins B12, B6 and Folate levels would help reduce this possibility.

Up-dated April 2014