Vaginal dystrophy

Vaginal dystrophy is generally seen in post menopausal women and is due to declining levels of oestrogen and progesterone.

If it appears to have occurred rather quickly remember that your hormonal levels will have been decreasing for quite some years prior to menopause and during this time the vaginal walls will have been becoming very slightly thinner, drier and less pliable.
This also means that the vaginal area will become more susceptible to infection.

It is quite a simple matter to take herbs containing phyto-oestrogen instead of a synthetic hormone cream. Such herbs are sold in the health shops in very effective combinations, usually including herbs such as Black Cohosh and Chaste Tree. The dose will vary depending on the strength of the product.
These often need to be taken for some time before noticeable improvement is made.

For some women some improvement has been noted while using certain types of antioxidants, usually those containing high doses of vitamin C (as this vitamin improves the collagen fibres of the skin), plus essential fatty acids.

Also there is available (In New Zealand by script from a doctor) a form of Progesterone that is bio-chemically exact to natural progesterone. For some women this is very
effective. Others may want to resort to orthodox oestrogen cream.
See page on ‘Menopause’

If the area is irritated, or inflamed, a very smooth, unadultered Aloe Vera gel works wonders and can also be used safely as a lubricant.
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Up-dated April 2014