Vision Deterioration

Many people have difficulties with vision as they get older and associate it with ageing and therefore unavoidable. This may be true to a degree, as the lens loses its elasticity and, therefore its ability to accommodate as we get older.

However much of this loss of elasticity can be due to not just ‘ageing’ but to the fact that our modern lives entail that we do an excessive amount of work using only a very few of the eye muscles.
Rarely do our eyes move through their full range of movement.
Rarely do we focus on minute detail at a distance.

Consider how much close vision work you do compared to looking into the distance, or looking down compared to looking up. Over time muscular imbalance develops as some muscles weaken and others strengthen. Our ability to accommodate and therefore focus then deteriorates, especially when trying to bring near objects into focus.

Doing eye exercises several times a day can greatly improve vision for many people, as can raising TV and computer screens to above eye level, or making sure that you look out a window into the distance regularly when having to do close work.

Neck strain also has a huge impact on vision. Straining and tense neck muscles will cause the vision to be poor, in fact specific vision malfunctions have been found to correspond with specific tensions and contractions in the body.
On many occasions I have seen great improvement in vision once the muscles of the neck and shoulders has been relieved.

Also many people gain improvement in their sight by taking supplements aimed at improving eye health and circulation. Some of the best are products that contain herbs such as Eyebright, as an eye tonic, Bilberry as a potent antioxidant and Ginkgo Biloba, to improve circulation to the eye with the addition of Lutein. The more Lutein the better!

Lutein is known to have a direct affect on the macula which both helps prevent the deterioration of the macula and improves such things as glare sensitivity.