Water Intake

Drinking WATER is one of the best things you can dofor your health. Fantastic for glowing skin, marvellousfor weightmanagement, and essential for cleansing the system, for kidney healthand regulating body temperature.

Body water deficit of as little as 2% has beenknown to impairphysical performance.
Mild dehydration can affectmood and cognitive function.

A quick check of hydration status is to pinch the skin on the back of the hand. A well hydrated skin will feel and look quite ‘plump’, whereas a dehydrated skin will feel and look thin, dry and wrinkly! Drink more water!

Urine colour can also give an estimate of hydration status, a darker urine indicating
a need for more fluids.

How much do you actually need to drink?

The recommended two litres per day (or about 6 – 8 glasses) is about right for most people of average weight, but to be more exact, try this.

Multiply your weight (in kilograms) by 29.09 and it will give you how many litres per day you need to drink (then divide by 0.250 if you want to know it in cups).

You would need more if you have a very active job, are exercising hard, if the weather is warm, if you are exposed to air conditioning for long periods of time, if you are ill, pregnant or breast feeding.

You may also need more if your normal diet includes alot of salt, spices or animal

People whose normal diet consists mainly of fruit and vegetables would naturally obtain alot of their water intake via their diet so will find that they actually need to drink less.

The two litres can also be made up of all fluid intake. It doesn’t have to be plain water (although this would be preferable).

If your intake is from sources other than plain water then be aware that beverages that contain alcohol are quite strong diuretics, tea and coffee are very mild diuretics.
and you will loose more water in the urine than you have drunk. You will need to add a further litre or so to your daily intake.

All beverages that contain sugar will certainly supply you with the much needed water but will also supply you with the not so needed sugar and will be fattening.

It is also possible to drink too much water and upset the body’s fluid and electrolyte balance.