Weight Loss

I am often asked for a weight loss regime and/or ‘something that ‘works’ to keep weight off. This always appears to be a greater concern at the beginning of summer and again after a decadent Christmas!!

The ‘Keto’ type of  system of fat loss is one of the best I know of.
It is called the ‘keto’ system because when you burn fat, you produce chemicals called ‘ketones’ in your urine.
When you eat sugars and starchy foods (high glycaemic) these work with insulin to ‘switch off’ fat burning and increase fat gain.

The method is successful and has been designed with patient compliance a major priority and is reasonably easy to undertake and follow.

It is also designed majorly as a ‘method of eating’ NOT a ‘diet’ as such that will only work for a short time.

It does involve changes for many people in the way they think about food and changes in buying habits.
It does not necessarily mean a large expenditure of money.

It does mean taking time to do at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

The system is based on maintaining a very high intake of proteins over the first two weeks, and then a gradual and very slight increase in carbohydrate intake is allowed.

This can be safely continued until the ideal body composition is reached.

This is then followed by  a low-glycaemic eating plan designed to maintain the fat loss already gained and to promote further ongoing good health.

I have seen people using this plan correctly loose 2kg weekly, but deviating from the system (i.e.; eating even slightly too much carbohydrate) results in disappointment!

Meal substitutes ‘shakes’ are available as are ‘meal’ bars but they are not absolutely necessary items, although are very useful if you are busy and haven’t time to prepare the suggested meals or snacks.
It works, go to it!