Worm remedies

Original Question: ‘How effective are herbal worm remedies?? I have always used pharmacy preparations as I’ve not been sure how to tell if a herbal preparation has ‘worked’. How do you know? Also which are the best ones to buy?
As usual there seem to be heaps of different brands on the market which is very confusing.

Good question – often wondered myself, I mean how long do most people spend inspecting the toilet bowel???

As far as I know, pin worms are by far the most common worm infestation. They are tiny, whitish and only about 1/3 of on inch long. Not very easy to see, even if you do inspect the toilet bowel!

However you usually can presume that you have a pinworm infestation if you notice an annoying itching around the rectal area, often far more noticeable at night, as the adult worms migrate to the anal area to deposit eggs.

Children can often be very restless at night and may show signs of having scratched around the anal area.
Sometimes there can also be a vague intestinal discomfort.

Once an effective remedy has been taken, this itching will cease.

Transmitting of infection is by the eggs, which may be transferred to clothing, bedclothes and toilet seats. The eggs can also lie dormant for a considerable time in dust and are not killed easily by household disinfectants.

Haemorrhoids can also cause the rectal area to itch or feel uncomfortable so check that this is not part of the problem.

Traditionally used herbal remedies are Chinese wormwood (artemisia annua), black walnut extract or hulls, mugwood, elecampane, garlic, stemona radix, holy basil and clove bud.

Evidence has recently shown that anthelmintic herbals such as these work best when combined with tannic containing herbs such as green tea or grapeseed.

It is also a good idea to add laxative herbs, such as cascara, senna or yellow dock to promote the elimination of the worm or worm debris from the bowel.

Look for herbal remedies that have these ingredients.

It not advised to give remedies such as these to children under 2 years old or to women who are pregnant. Homeobotanical remedies are gentler and would be more appropriate in these situations.
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