Cancer – general notes

I simply wanted to list on this page the general ‘What Not To Do’s’ if you wish to avoid getting cancer.
This is not a page on how to ‘Cure’ cancer, hopefully if all these guide lines are followed this will never be the case!
If need be however, refer to pages on
‘Chemotherapy – Boosting the Immune System’ and
‘Chemotherapy – Nutritional Guidelines’.

To Avoid the ‘Big C’
– Never smoke.
– Never drink alcohol, and particularly never drink AND smoke!
– Avoid being over weight.
– Avoid stressful situations as much as possible, if not possible look for support.
– Keep the diet high in all fruits & vegetables & particularly sprouted grains. These foods are all alkaline – cancer cells are known to thrive in acidic conditions.
Also research has shown that many cancer patients have lower levels of Vit C, D, E and some B Vitamins.
– Totally eliminate all processed, refined foods including processed meats.
– Totally avoid added sugars (also acidic).
– Avoid all additives – colourings, flavourings, preservatives.
– Avoid BBQ food that is charred & burned & fried food in general.
– Always cook in stainless steel or stone cookware & never in aluminium or non-stick pans.
– Avoid the use of Microwaves.
– Always drink lots of fresh filtered water.
– Avoid excessive caffeine.
– Avoid all chemical cleaners & chemical fumes of any kind.
– Be careful of cosmetics & soaps. Check the ingredients.
– Avoid un-necessary Xrays, scans or any invasive radiation technique.

On the positive side:
– Laugh more.
– Try and be in the company of happy, positive people that give you emotional support.
– Get daily exercise in fresh air (as opposed to polluted streets).
– Take time out.
– Grow your own vegetables and herbs.
– Cook your own food.