Cracks at the corner of the mouth

Cracks at the corner of the mouth are often attributed to a deficiency of Vitamin B2 or Riboflavin.
If this is the case then the cracks will disappear very quickly once supplementation of this B vitamin is commenced and often where the deficiency is only slight the use of a B complex tablet taken daily will correct the problem.

The problem does indicate a diet that is deficient in foods containing B vitamins and ideally this should be rectified and not just reliance placed on supplements. Vitamin B2 is found in eggs, milk and dairy products, organ meats, sprouts, whole grain cereals, brewers yeast and green vegetables such as broccoli.
See the entry on ‘Riboflavin’.

They can also occur when the body becomes compromised in any way, allowing
certain viruses that are normally kept at bay by the immune system, to become active. Herpes viruses in particular can manifest themselves in this way. In this case, the course of action would be to work on greatly improving the immune status of the body and doing all things possible to rest the body before more serious manifestations can take place. It is a good warning signal that not all is well.

Supplementing with Lysine is an excellent place to start as it helps prevent further replication of a virus.
The use of anti-viral herbs such as Astragalus and Echinacea is also recommended, but mainly concentrate on rejuvenating the body with adequate minerals and plenty of rest.
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