I am often asked my view point about ‘detoxing’ and the pros and
cons…..which is as follows.
When considering aiding the body in its detoxification process in my opinion the very first things to consider are:

Adequate exercise: Physical activity is essential to enable the lymphatic system (which is the system in our body that carries many toxins and wastes) to work as it relies on the big muscles of the arms and legs to act as a pump.

Massage: can be an important and effective adjunct to an exercise regime. It definitely helps the body’s detoxifying processes.

Adequate fresh fruit and vegetables: These are your first source of naturally obtained vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Make sure you eat heaps!!!

Water intake: Be sure to drink adequate water, especially in hot weather.

Minimise contact with environmental toxins: These further pollute the body. Also be careful with house hold cleaners etc.

The bowel: If your bowel is not healthy then your detoxification processes
will be greatly impaired. The bowel should move easily (NOT loosely) on a daily
basis, should not be bloated, gassy or tender in any way. You can find several
articles on this subject on the web site.

Avoid negative emotions and stresses: These also can be ‘toxic’ to the body, just take note of how the bowel reacts to stress. You may find it slows down and you become
constipated, or the reverse, it may become very loose during stressful times.

After these come other considerations that may have to be supplemented.
Mineral levels: If these are inadequate the body’s detoxification processes as well as its ability to heal will be compromised. Using colloidal minerals on a regular basis will overcome this possibility.
See pages on ‘Minerals – facts’ and ‘Minerals – why we need to supplement’.

Enzymes:  An enzyme deficiency must be carefully considered as a possible precursor of bodily imbalance, toxicity and consequent disease symptoms.
See page on Enzymes – facts.

Probiotics and/or Prebiotics: These can be necessary if the bowel is not working
efficiently. There are now very specific probiotics available for specific conditions.
See page on Probiotics.

Extra antioxidants: These are also essential in helping the body detoxify and can often be inadequate especially in diets that lack fresh green vegetables and berry
Glutathione plays a key role in detoxification, having the ability to bind to heavy metals and other toxins through its sulphur molecules, thereby providing the means for the body to eliminate these toxins.
Having a deficiency of glutathione is a precursor for one’s inability to effectively excrete mercury, aluminium, and pesticides from the body.
See page on Glutathione.

Liver ‘tonics’: These usually contain herbs such as St. Mary’s Thistle and Dandelion that are known to enhance liver detoxification and may also contain extra nutrients aimed at promoting detoxification.

One of these added nutrients is often Taurine an amino acid which for many years was considered a nonessential nutrient. However over recent years the fact that it does play a
very important role has become clearer.

Taurine is now known to play a major role in the brain and other excitable tissue such as the heart and also plays a major role in detoxification.
The dietary source of taurine is synthesis from methionine and cysteine with magnesium, B6 and B5 as co-factors.
Taurine may become deficient in the body due to lack of animal protein (the source of methionine and cysteine), from malabsorption or from deficiency of
vitamins/minerals needed for its synthesis.
Abnormally low taurine levels are also a common feature found in chemically sensitive people, as taurine together with glycine are the major amino acids associated with the removal of toxic chemicals from the body.
Sensitivities to environmental chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, alcohols, petroleum solvents and ammonia may result where taurine is deficient.

It is hugely important to supplement MINERALS and get the bowel working adequately PRIOR to using liver tonics!!!!
If this isn’t the case then toxins removed from the liver will simply be reabsorbed into the blood stream from the bowel and you can become very ill. HENCE the unpleasant ‘healing crisis’ that many people experience.

I have some wonderful liver tonics in stock for those that need them or alternatively can
make herbal blends to your specific requirements.

Hope that answers some questions for you all.

Up-dated Jan 2017