The original question here was ‘what exactly are ‘immunoglobulins’ and how do you improve their level in the body, particularly when the immune system is very low in all respects?’

…..Gamma globulins are a group of globulin proteins found in human blood plasma. The term gamma globulins was/is often used as a synonym for immunoglobulins as most immunoglobulins are gamma globulins. However the usage is now in decline.

Immunoglogulins are an antibody substance produced as a protective reaction of the body’s immune system to disease producing organisms. The term hypogammaglobulinaemia simply means a deficiency of gamma glogulins.
Immunoglobulins are often known as ‘Igs’ (its easier!).

There are five major types:

IgA: generally protects body surfaces that are exposed to outside foreign substances, so is found in areas such as nose, breathing passages, digestive tract etc.
IgG: found in all body fluids.
IgM: found in blood and lymph and are the first type to respond to infection.
IgE: found in the lungs, skin, mucus membranes and cause reaction against substances such as pollens, animal hair etc.
IgD: found in small amounts in tissues of the abdomen.

So now that the meaning of what a gamma globulin is, is hopefully clearer, how to improve their function.

A method I have often recommended to help improve the immunoglobulin level in the body is to use a Colostrum based product that contains IgA and IgG as well as having other immune boosting properties.
Colostrum would also can help to improve energy.
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In addition, the use of specific probiotics, such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus (strain HN001) will help as it is specific for infections and allergies.
See page on Probiotics.

The use of specific immune boosting herbals can also help. Herbs such as Echinacea, Astragalus, Reishi mushroon etc can all be effective.
There is also further information on boosting the immune system under
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